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All of our products are locally sourced and we process them ourselves to ensure the best quality!

Product Gallery

  1. Fish Skinz
    Fish Skinz
    ONE INGREDIENT Fish Skinz are just that.... We use the skins of the fish to create a chewy treat that not only offers the benefit of the Omega-3s, but also helps clean dogs' teeth.
  2. Chicken Jerky
    Chicken Jerky
    What dog doesn't love chicken? These chicken jerky treats are 100% USA made. It's all made locally right here in central Illinois. With only two ingredients you can't go wrong these high protein, low fat snacks.
  3. All Natural
    Fish Bites
    Fish Bites are another one of our treats that are made of Asian Carp. After cooking them, we cut them into a small bite size treats that are a great high value training treat that your dogs will do back flips for. Cats also enjoy these treats! What cat doesn't love fish?
  4. River Chips
    River Chips
    ONE INGREDIENT River Chips are cooked down to a crunchy chip like treat that only have one ingredient. They are a low fat, high protein treats that are packed full of omega 3. A healthy treat your dogs and cats will love!
  Remember: These products are intended to be given as treats only, making up a very small portion (5-10%) of a balanced daily diet. Always provide fresh water and, as with all treats, supervise your pet when feeding them!