Wilson's All Natural Pet Products, Inc

Helping your pets lead a happy and healthier life!
How we got started 
Hello! Welcome to Wilson's All Natural Pet Products' website. My name is Carla Wilson. I own the company and currently run the day-to-day operations as well. Here at Wilson's we are dedicated to making pet treats that are healthy  and safe for our pets and yours. By making our treats from fish it offers a low fat high protein snack that's  packed full of Omega 3's and calcium.

How it all got started is our Min Pin (Bruno) had bad breath and after a little research found that it was possible that his poor diet could be the cause of his bad breath. After playing around with making our own dog food and treats we found that for now we would be better off buying a high quality food for him. The treats we came up with were such a healthy and delicious treat we just had to share with everyone. Since then we have found out Bruno is Diabetic and is required to eat food recommended by his vet but, he can still enjoy our treats.

We now have a kitten that we adoped from Taps. His name is Gilbert and he just loves our Fish Bites. The great thing about our treats is that they are great for dogs and cats.

What we do

When we started making treats it was just for our dogs and like everyone else we want only the best for our pets. We were excited to share our natural treats with you and your fur friends.
We buy Asian carp from local commercial fishermen. We then bring it back to our home and process the meat and skins into delicious treats and chews.  The rest of the fish is composted down to be put on our garden to grow delicious and healthy vegetables for ourselves. (Nothing is wasted, but none of the by-products is in our treats.)  All of our treats are heated to 165 degrees, they are then slow dried into the healthy treat that we deliver straight to our fur customers home or put them in stores where its convenient for you to purchase for your fur babies.